Mesh Network

Zuel provides robust internet connectivity by utilizing all  Internet connections on a given device,  where multiple software and hardware devices can interconnect together, creating a highly available mesh network in a given Zone.
A Zone consists of one or more devices with Zuel installed, interconnected together on the same network. 

Optimized Internet Connections

Zuel optimizes the Internet connections on any device the software is installed on, providing faster, more reliable Internet connections.

Cross Platform

Zuel works on all platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Create a Mesh Network

When Zuel is installed on multiple devices in a Zone, the devices will interconnect with one another and create a mesh network.

Personal Backup Solutions

$5 per month, per Zone, for unlimited storage, for personal use only.

Enterprise Storage Solutions

On-demand block, file, and object storage solutions, starting at $5 per Terabyte, per month.